Asset Management

We provide investment management services to clients on a client specific basis, based upon your unique circumstances such as time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Retirement Planning

We create financial plans tailored specifically for you depending on your goals and lifestyle using our advanced retirement planning software.


We want to help you in many of life’s financial decisions. By understanding your finances, we could help you with things such as: Required insurance, Debt Management, and College Planning.

Our Process

Getting to Know You

  • You talk. We listen. You tell us where you are now, what you need, what you fear and what you want.
  • You have an opportunity to ask us questions and learn everything you want to know about AG Wealth Management.
  • We review our financial planning process together, and define each of our roles and responsibilities.
  • If after our meeting you feel inspired to continue down the path of AG Wealth Management, we will provide necessary agreements for you to sign and officially become a client.

Data Gathering

  • We gather all necessary data to begin working on the financial plan.
  • We take the time to teach you the core values of effective planning and investing, which will serve as your financial foundation.

Financial Plan Delivery

  • We will deliver, and review your financial plan together. Your plan will include investment recommendations as well as guidance on insurance, estate planning, education savings and more.
  • We open your investment accounts and initiate the transfer of funds into your new AG Wealth Management portfolio.




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